There have been many changes in my life recently: divorce, the purchase of my company, a new love in my life (Renee), and then quitting my job at the new company. With the change in company came the requirement that I relocate, and the quitting of that job hasn't changed the path I was on to sell my house and move elsewhere, since there are no jobs available for me in my present location. So this constitutes the Big Three changes that can happen modern American life: divorce, change of job, and moving house.

With the choice to terminate employment comes opportunity. While working, a person has money but not time. Without employment, one has time. And if the person has saved a little money to bridge the gap, that's called a sabbatical. I am going to take some time away from working to hike, photograph, run rivers, and show Renee some places she has not seen before.

Along with all the other changes, the old host site for my photographs is going away, adding another minor change to my life. But here there is also opportunity. The old site hosted old technology, while this site has some of the latest. I don't chase new technology, but if change must happen, it's good to use what's available.

My plan is to publish new photographs taken during our travels here at the new site, as well as trip reports and essays. Stay tuned here if you would like to follow along, or use the link at the top of the page to subscribe via RSS feed.